God Bless Betty Crocker (circa 1961)

My poor husband has been really busy and up until now all the snow we’ve had was powder. The snow shovel we have is perfect for it, but then 2 weeks ago we got snow with freezing rain. Our driveway isn’t exactly covered in ice, but it isn’t exactly snow….When shoveling it comes up in slabs. The little fruits have had fun making forts out of the stuff, it stacks really well! Unfortunately our shovel isn’t up to par. Hubby did a great job of clearing a path to get the cars in and out more easily. Then this weekend our van starts acting up and hubby spent all weekend getting it fixed. Today I felt bad that he didn’t have time to go get a better shovel.

As I looked out over the driveway I thought how it would be nice to surprise my husband when he gets home with a cleaned off driveway. So early this morning I went out to the garage and got the snow shovel down. I soon realized how much it took for hubby to clear the path that he made. Now that path was again covered in more snow! Determined I went back into the garage and started perusing all the tools hanging up. Spying a landscaping tool, I grabbed it down. I thought “Self this looks like the perfect thing to clear the driveway with” So began the saga of clearing off the driveway.

It was going well, I re-cleared the path that my husband had made and was working on the other half of the driveway. Neighbors slowed down, some waved and some simply watched. I thought “Self don’t we just have the friendliest neighbors?” These were the neighbors that had the right kind of shovel or hired someone with the right shovel to clear their driveways. Then the mailman handed me the mail “Getting tired of all this ice?” Why yes, yes I am…..I attacked the big pile of snow ice at the end of the driveway with a vengeance. In a mighty thrust, I drove the landscaping tool in to break up the snow ice. I easily tugged out the handle and noticed something was amiss as I went to drive it back in. “Self, did we just break husband’s landscaping tool?” Why yes, yes we did.


Broken edger :(

Broken edger 😦


Uh oh….perhaps I will just tell hubby that my anemia got the best of me and I gave up. I surely was tired and perhaps I could buy a new edger before he noticed. After all he won’t need it until spring…No better to face the music (think Beethoven Symphony number 9). So I thought to myself “Self we better go inside and clean the entire house so that it is spotless and it’s a good thing there are left over cupcakes (lemon chiffon from my mom’s Betty Crocker cookbook)for hubby surely has a sweet tooth.” So that is what we did.


Then I prayed “God bless the 1961 Betty Crocker staff” Amen.



Of Comfort and Love

Cheery flowers

Cheery flowers

Have you ever been sick or in a stressful situation? I think the majority of us would say yes. If you are one of the lucky few that hasn’t, then count yourself blessed! It is in times like those that your friends and loved ones can be such a comfort. From kind words, prayers, flowers like the beautiful ones above, food, or just plain being there. When difficult times come, the little things make you feel so loved and blessed.

Recently I have been through a difficult time, and I have never felt so loved! I was surrounded by prayers from my friends both near and far, I treasured them so much. I received several sweet cards and flowers. I had friends and family help with the children. This was so helpful allowing me time to rest and heal. I also received scrumptious food. While I wish that I had thought to take pictures of all that I had been given, the memories will be ones that I cherish. I might not remember exactly what was given, but I will remember the love by those that gave. Like a hug, spreading warmth encompassing your whole being. The physical effect might fade, but the feeling stays like a the memory of snuggling under a favorite blanket.

parmesan chicken, garlicky green beans, lemon dilly carrots, and a brioche roll

parmesan chicken, garlicky green beans, lemon dilly carrots, and a brioche roll

When I came home after surgery my throat felt scraped and raw. Simply taking a shower left me feeling like I ran a marathon. The warm comforting chicken noodle soup not only soothed my tender throat, but warmed me by the tender expression of friendship. The velvety potato soup and sweetly spiced rice pudding brightened my day. While I am not eager for the opportunity to return the favor (I don’t wish illness or sadness on anyone), when life eventually happens (as it so often does) I will eagerly return or pay forward the love. Hopefully when the next opportunity presents itself it will be for a blessing (like a new baby or adoption)!

a delish chocolate Bundt cake

a delish chocolate Bundt cake

Have you ever been delightfully spoiled as I have? Or perhaps you were the one to spoil someone else? What are your favorite memories? What are some of the meals that you like to share with people?