Growths and Pruning on the Vine

So many things have happened since I’ve last been on graftedvine. I decided to try another blog, break out of the rut that I had gotten myself into. Turns out a change of scenery didn’t help all that much. I  need to be true to myself, write what is relevant to me. Before I tried to write what I thought my readers would want to see, what would draw more people to the blog. Unfortunately that was a complete drain on me. So my goal this year is to share me, my life, my hopes, dreams, and failures. What you see is what you get. I hope that someone will enjoy it, but if not that’s ok. This blog is for me, not for others.

So some of the highlights from 2013: Baby fruit is walking, talking, and climbing. Nothing seems to be wrong with her spinal cord (praise God!) Eldest fruit completed the 1st grade, it was crunch time over the summer to make sure that we covered everything. Honestly I think the crunch was my fault, trying prove that I can do home school. hah! Middle fruit is growing like a weed and just adventurous as ever. We took our first family vacation in 5 years. We had a wonderful time in Charleston and Savannah! It was a great time of bonding and relaxing as a family, truly something we  needed. We found out that we were expecting a 4th little fruit! Christmas was a low-key event as the children all came down with a tummy bug. Despite the sickness they still enjoyed themselves. On the home school front we switched to My Father’s World. I wanted to make sure that I had everything covered this year, and not feel panicked when it was time for our evaluation.

So far in 2014: School is plugging along, I feel more relaxed about everything. Middle fruit just got some preschool workbooks to help keep him busy during school time. His favorite activity is cutting and pasting. Littlest fruit is getting several new teeth in all at once. This is a very exciting, but painful time for her. At 10 weeks pregnant we found out that our 4th fruit hadn’t developed properly and we were looking at a possible miscarriage. At 12 weeks, the miscarriage has started. Prayers are appreciated during this painful (both physical and emotional) time.

Garden: Our garden didn’t do so well this year for multiple reasons. I was having symptoms of anemia again, so I had no energy to put into the garden. It languished under my inattention and then came under attack by ground hogs. Hubby and I did our best to chase these intruders off. I can still see us running out our back door weapon in hand (shovel, hoe, garden claw, etc) to dispose of this foe. Unfortunately they were too savvy and quick, having multiple escape routes out of our yard.

Currently there are snowflakes swirling about outside, while I lay huddle on my couch. I’m not in any physical shape to do much yet as the miscarriage is still in progress. I flip through seed catalogs daydreaming of warmer weather and making plans for the future.  Trusting in my Gardner who brings new growth and prunes away the excess.


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