The Great Outdoor Weekend ~ Sept 28 & 29

Does the feel of sunshine on your face or the wind whispering through the trees make you smile? Well the end of this month might be for you! All of Cincinnati various parks, companies, and local attractions are coming together for the annual Great Outdoor Weekend. Is there something that you have been wanting to try but putting off because of time or money? This is your weekend! It is an awesome opportunity for the outdoor (or wanna be) enthusiast.

                                                         O’Bannon Creek Loveland Ohio

One of our family’s favorite places to visit is the Cincinnati Nature Center. The actual center itself has displays of local flora and fauna. The center also houses an interactive children’s play-scape that is always a favorite for the little ones. There are miles of hiking trails to enjoys the beauty of the woods, ponds, and creeks. For those that are concerned there are a few paved trails for easy wheelchair and stroller access. This weekend they will be hosting several events at the center including (but not limited to)  bird banding, hawks/owls/falcons…oh my!, and s’mores and more in the play-scape. The Cincinnati Nature Center is definitely something you don’t want to miss!

                                                     Little Miami River

Do you enjoy being out on the water? Here are a few ideas for you:


Great Miami Rowing Center

Row G.O.W.  It’s never to late to try rowing! With people taking part in the sport from ages 12 to 90, you should never feel like you missed your chance to get involved.


Izaak Walton League

This is a basic introduction to canoeing. Participants will learn how to select the proper equipment, maneuver the canoe with different strokes, and what supplies and equipment are needed.
Mill Creek ReCreation Celebration: Canoe Outing (w/ Mill Creek Yacht Club)

The canoe outing is part one out of our three-part event on Saturday, September 28. The event is free of charge; paddlers will receive a Mill Creek Yacht Club t-shirt. 
Kayak the Little Miami

ODNR Watercraft staff will take 4 trips of 8 paddlers from the Ikes Lodge to Lake Isabella on Ocean” Kayaks, a unique and forgiving open-cockpit type kayak.
Come early to reserve your spot! Reservations are required in advance.

For information on these events and more check out