Girl’s Night on a Dime

One thing that almost all women need is bonding time with their girl friends. A chance to let loose, talk to your hearts content and just be. In this hectic society that we live in finding time and money to make this happen can be difficult. Whether you are married, single, working, not working, we women need to have connection with our friends.

I had been having a blah day, just tired and over emotional. Nothing happened to cause it to be a bad day and in all honesty it wasn’t a bad day. I spent the afternoon exchanging text messages with a friend who was also having some stuff going on in her life. I sensed that we both needed some time away. So with a few quick phone calls to hubbies we arranged to go out.

It wasn’t anything glamorous but it was fun and well needed. We headed out to my gym where we soaked our worries away in the hot whirlpool, chatting and laughing. Then enjoyed (separate) hot showers. If you are a mother, you can understand how priceless it is to have a shower with out children interrupting. If you are married you also understand how wonderful it is to get a hot shower (and you didn’t even have to race your spouse to get it!) Actually that is one of the things I love most about my gym, I look forward to my showers after working out, it feels like a reward!

Afterwards we headed to Starbucks for a drink. Aside from the amount of gas to drive, that was the only money we spent, less than $4 each. We didn’t need to go shopping or out to eat, honestly if it wasn’t so late I don’t think we would have gone to Starbucks so we could continue talking. Both of us ended the night feeling completely refreshed having a chance to just get away from all the responsibilities that our lives entail. For me at least it gave me renewed energy to face the rest of the week.

What do you enjoy doing when you hang out with your friends? Do you find that you spend a lot of money when you hang out with them?


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