Deals this Weekend 7/27/13

 So my family was in need of a few things and in want of a few others this weekend. Have you ever done that? Stopped to evaluate a purchase to decide if it is a need or a want? I am trying to get in the habit of that, although it can deflate your shopping bag if you are truly honest with yourself. Not that it isn’t ok to get wants, it’s just when you are on a budget they might be less often.

So here are a few of our wants:
1. A new swim suit  for our oldest daughter. She currently has one that fits really well and the others are getting small. Since we are going on vacation in less than 2 months (excited to share our trip!) we wanted her to have 2 suits. One for the ocean and the other for the pool. We were able to pick up a cute one at Old Navy for just $5! It was an awesome deal and our bank account was happy for only a small dent.

2. School Supplies- You might be thinking, wait aren’t these necessary? Yes and no. We already stocked up on school supplies a few weeks ago. This trip our daughter wanted to purchase a small composition notebook so she can keep a journal. As we walked into Walmart we were greeted with a list of suggested donations for a local organization that gives children in need school supplies. Mindful of our budget here are a few items we picked up to donate:
6 pocket folders with clasps $0.15/ each
2 composition books $0.50/ each
4 packs of 24 crayons $0.25/each
2 packs of #2 pencils $0.47/ each

Even though it was just a little bit it was nice because it sparked a great conversation with 2 of our children (the 3rd is still a baby). We explained why we were purchasing them and talked about how blessed we are. Which in turn also lead to talking about gratefulness. I love taking these little life moments and using them to teach!

Our needs:

1. Underwear for our middle child. He has almost out grown his underwear, so when we found a 7 pack of licensed characters at Target for just under $6 we grabbed them up!

2. Groceries. I picked up a few of our groceries and was able to get some great deals! Annie’s mac and cheese was on sale 10/$10, croissants for $1.79, (2) 16 packs of tortillas for $0.69, (3) Applegate Sunday Bacon $2.49 each, and finally a free tube of Colgate toothpaste! Yes FREE! Kroger’s had a online coupon that you can load onto your plus card for a free 4.6 tube of Colgate toothpaste!

3. Winter Clothes– Thanks to some shopping a few months ago I bought some winter clothes for the baby and our son at Gymboree (on clearance!) I spent enough on them to earn Gymbucks. This weekend is the last weekend to redeem them and I was able to purchase 4 new pairs of pants for $25 for our 7 year old.

So what great deals do you score this weekend?


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