Rooware Cup Review

This is a Rooware cup my friend from gave to try, and then give her feed back. Let me 1st say that I love the concept of this cup. I like the handles for the little hands as they are trying to get use to holding a cup and that they are detachable as they get older. I like the thickness of the cup and the contours of the cup for easy holding. That being said here are my issues…

1. There is a flaw in the production of the handles.

See where the handles come down to the white base? That is how it attached to the orange cup. On the inside of the white base there is a flaw in the plastic where it isn’t completely smooth*. That rough patch in the plastic doesn’t allow it to attach securely. When I gave the cup to my son to try, he enthusiastically put the cup down. The orange cup bounced out of the handles and spilled milk every where….what a mess! I have to give it to them though the white lid (which is hard to see in the picture) stayed on. Which brings me to my next point….

2. This is a trainer cup!

It really isn’t an issue, but the package on the cup says that it can be used starting at age 6 months….I personally don’t know any baby that has ever been ready for a trainer cup at age 6 months. A trainer cup (for those that may be new to the parenting scene) is different from a sippy cup. Think of the type of lid that is put on coffee cups (particularly Starbucks). It’s a whole lid with a little hole where the beverage comes out. So it doesn’t offer much in the way of control over the flow of the liquid. Hence the big mess when the cup bounced out. Again it’s not a problem, it’s just something I think you should be aware of before purchasing.

3. It’s a plant-based plastic (primarily corn)

But it’s made from a vegetable! Yes, but the cup isn’t labeled organic….most of the US corn is gmo thanks to Monsanto. But they aren’t eating it! Yes, BUT it is still a plastic and plastic still breaks down. Just like BPA and all the other chemicals that we as parents worry about, you have to consider what may leach into their beverage from the gmo. For more information on plant-based plastic visit:

So I give this a 2 out of 5 vines ~ I love the concept, but not enough to purchase it for myself or as a gift.

*In fairness I contacted Lolli Beans to let them know of the flaw in the plastic, the other samples had the same flaw. I was assured that Rooware would be contacted to know about the problem so that they can fix it.


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