Coconut Rice

I have to admit that I cheated on my coconut rice. I’ve been very tired and busy with last-minute prep before the baby is born. Here is my quick and easy cheat for coconut rice. You can still make this with regular rice, just wait until the rice has almost absorbed all the liquid before adding in the shredded coconut.


2 Tb Coconut Oil

1 pkg of pre-cooked frozen jasmine rice

1/4 c shredded coconut



1. Melt coconut oil in a pot.

2. Add frozen rice, tossing in the oil, coating all the rice.

3. If your frozen rice has any directions to add water do so now. I add 1/4 c water and cook for about 6 minutes.

4. Just before the water is completely absorbed  add the shredded coconut in and continue to cook until all the water is absorbed (another 2-6 minutes).

5. Add salt to taste and serve!


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