Big News

So most of my friends (esp on Facebook) know my news, so it isn’t exactly new. We are pregnant again! We had an early miscarriage back in July and my body was not taking it too well. In fact I was told in August that I might not be able to conceive that month due to my issues. But God is bigger than any problem!! I had some prayer warriors praying over me 🙂 Then the following month I went to a women’s retreat. The first day God used 2 different people to tell me I was pregnant. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but finally trusting God I took the pregnancy test the next morning and it was positive! The women of my church gathered around me, anointed me with oil, and prayed over me and the baby. I am now 9 weeks pregnant and my baby is about the size of a grape. Our family has already seen the baby at 6 weeks, and heard the heartbeat. Other than morning sickness, which I count all as joy, I feel well. I appreciate everyone’s continued prayers for our family.
On another note, my son (who is 18 months) is getting excited. He loves my friends babies, so we’ll see how he does when this one is born. If you ask him where his baby is he points to his belly 🙂 I’ve been working with him so he points now to my belly as well. His new thing is to pat my belly and give “his” baby kisses. Also he has taken a new interest in baby dolls (his sister’s) he puts the doll in the doll stroller and pushes it around. If you ask him about his diaper bag, he grabs one of his sister’s purses. It is so cute!! I think if we can get through any jealousy issues he will be a wonderful big brother.
Vivian on the other hand is a little more reserved. She has been through the 2 miscarriages and so I think she doesn’t want to get too excited. We are past the point where we lost the other 2 babies, but she seems to still be holding back. I know that she is hoping that this baby will be a little sister 🙂 She does think that Andrew is being cute, and likes to ask him where his baby is (she finds it funny that he points to his belly).


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