Grain Free Diet

It’s been a while since I have posted. There have been many things going on including my new blog for our MOPs group! Check it out I am so thankful for all the help that I have received. My garden had a great year, I put up many pickles, relish, etc. The freezer is full of (freezer) pickles, tomatoes, green-beans, and sugar snap peas.

Also I have been eating gluten 😦 Unfortunately I have been having digestive upset and weight gain. So yesterday I started back, but not only am I gluten free, I am grain free (with the exception of soy sauce). Getting rid of gluten helped last time, but didn’t solve all my problems. So here we go with grain-free 🙂 If I don’t see enough of a change in how I feel then I will try the gaps diet. This will be boring to you but I am listing my food as accountability to myself. So here we go:

YesterdayBfast: fruit, Lunch: hotdogs & greenbeans, Dinner– Grilled Chicken & asparagus- pepper salad Dessert– apple snack– lunch meat

TodayBfast: Leftover Chicken & Cheese, Lunch– grilled ginger-soy salmon & sauteed kale & asparagus, Dinner– open-faced grain free tacos (check and search for tortilla if you want the recipe) Dessert– grain-free peach crumble w/ homemade whip cream (sweetened with stevia)


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