Complaint to Spring!

Oh spring where did you go? You are the most fickle of the seasons! Your visit to us brought waves of never-ending rain, with only a few days of sunshine 😦 I am hurt and disappointed in you. Now we are in the 90’s and my poor children want to play outside. It’s too hot (especially for the baby) to be playing for long. Now we have to retreat to the basement for playtime. As summer is now upon us and it’s one of the few economical ways to stay cool. Yes, yes I know that is what we refinshed the basement for, but I was hoping not to need it for a few more weeks.

Not so sincerely,
Grafted Vine

I know that those of you that live in my neck of the woods, probably feel the same. What are some ways that you try to keep cool? What are some of the fun, frugal things you like to do with your families in the summer? Suggestions are welcome!