Spring Cleaning

We are experiencing a blessing of warm weather right now, which means time in the garden! I took the kids outside to play and the garden was calling me. Come weed me! Come till me! I couldn’t ignore it, so I set the kids up near me and told Vivian if she would “babysit” brother that I would pay her. The carrots that I let over winter are now over run with weeds. So I began the arduous task of pulling them out.

I began to ponder how weeds are much like sin in our lives. If left un-attended they will root and grow until it is out of control. Not only does it look ugly, but it chokes out the beautiful things that God has given (or wants to give) us until it dies. The weeds in my garden (like sin in our life) was hiding my carrots (blessings) so that when I went to pull the weeds, I almost pulled up the carrots! Likewise when we go to remove the sin in our life we can’t just yank it out so easily. We have to let the Gardner pull them out for us, but first we have to submit to His will and His plan for our garden.

Finally there needs to be a layer of mulch put down around our veggies (or as the Bible says our fruits 🙂 ) to keep the weeds from coming back or new ones from popping up. No matter how much mulch you put down there will always be a few stray invaders, but if you recognize them you (with the help of the Gardner) can eliminate them immediately. So what is mulch? Well in the literal sense I personally plan on trying straw in my garden this year, but spiritually speaking it is spending time in the Word, prayer, worship, accountability, and not forsaking the assembling of the Church. Sounds like a lot? Well you need the best combination of mulch to surround you if you plan on getting rid of weeds and growing!

So this spring let us do some cleaning and ask ourselves (and our Gardner) what areas of our garden have weeds? Which areas need tilling? Is the Gardner wanting to expand your garden? Happy gardening/ spring cleaning dear ones!