Dear Heavenly Father,
Please let my words be of You. Let the words I share be an accurate reflection of You. My hearts desire is to do Your will. To hear Your voice, and follow the prompting of Your Holy Spirit. In all things that I do, say, and speak I desire to only please You. This is not about me, I do not want this to be about me, I want this to be about You. You are the Alpha, the Omega, the beginning, and the end. Praise You my Father, wonderous is Your love, mighty is Your grace and forgiveness. You are Holy, worthy of all our praises and so much more. I thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus Christ, to die for my sins. Father I confess my sins before You, I have broken all Your commandments. As You say if I have broken one I have broken them all. No matter how good I try to be I never can be perfect, I am only perfect through Your Son, who has washed away my sins. For You have said “Whoever confesses their sins, You are Faithful and Just to forgive us of our unrighteousness.” I feel so unworthy Lord, thank You for all You have done.
Lord I have felt a quickening in my spirit, that can only be of You. An urgency Lord, and I wish to obey it. I no longer want to be ashamed to boldly speak of what You have done. To not feel like I have to worry about who will over hear my conversations. No matter whom they are with. Father I ask for Your forgiveness, earlier this week I was speaking Your truth to my daughter in the parking lot of the gym and a man was behind me. The entire time all I could think of was “what does he think of me talking to my daughter of these things, does he think I’m a fanatic?” I am sorry Lord, if he doesn’t know you, please use my conversation to speak to him, despite my failings. Help me to be bold for You and Your glory. I know that Your word says that You want none to perish but have everlasting life. Yet You also say that No one can come unto the Father but by me (Jesus). Use me Lord, guide me, show me Your will. I will be one of the ones like in Your word that says “Hear am I Lord, send me!” I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ. I know that You must be quickening their spirits as well, I pray that they hear Your voice, and that You give them the strength to follow. You have jobs for all of us, and they aren’t all the same. Please keep Your people from bickering and putting each other down. For those who are criticized for speaking out what they have been told to do by You (and I am one of them) give us the strength to keep going and the grace to forgive our siblings, for they simply do not understand. In fact Lord, forgive me for getting upset with those that have spoken against me, give me Your grace and love, so that I see them as You do and not just the hurt that I have felt. Lord let me be used of You.
Praise You Father! Praise You Jesus, our soon coming King! Let Your praises ring out through out the world! May Your truth be boldly proclaimed! Forever and Ever! Amen!


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