This month is flying by! Where did all the time go? We decided to finish off about 600 sq ft in our basement for much-needed extra room. In our townhouse I was use to having an “adult” living room and a kid friendly family room. My daughter and her little friends could go down there and mess it up, then if we needed to leave, I could shut the door and not look at it until I was ready. Here all of her toys magically end up in the living room, and no matter how much I ask her to clean up, I feel crowded in. It makes me feel like no matter how much I clean up, or she cleans up the house is never clean. I just can’t take it anymore!!!

The new basement will allow her to have a play area now, as well as a family room. It’s nice, because while I’m doing laundry I can stay in the basement with the kids. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t multi-task well. Especially when it comes to laundry. If I’m not in the basement I’ll move onto something else and forget all about it:)

My daughter’s birthday is coming up, so we have been planning that as well. She is so excited that she will be the BIG 5! She seems to think the basement is her birthday present since we’re having her kids party in the newly finished area.

While this is a fun time and we have a lot going on, please keep me in your prayers. This saturday marks the 3 year anniversary since my mom passed away from cancer. Also I had a miscarriage right before I became pregnant with my son, had that baby lived he would have been turning 1-year-old at the end of this month. These projects have been a blessing to keep me occupied so that I don’t have too much time to dwell on my losses. Praise God I will see my mother and baby again one day!


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