New Year

This New Year’s eve we celebrated quietly at home. This past week our family has been fighting the 24 hr stomach bug. While we are now over it we do not want to pass it on to anyone. Thank goodness that 2010 has come to a close and we can put it in the past. I love a new year and all the new possibilities that it represents. I look back and said “whew! I did it!” Some of the highlights of this year were having my son, getting involved in homeschooling, trips to Tennessee, dedicating Andrew, and watching Vivian grow. I look forward to the coming year: more trips to Tennessee, more hiking with the family, my daughter turning 5, her starting her first year of K5 (we did K4 this past year), Andrew will be learning to walk, gardening again, and much more.
Our pastor this past Sunday challenged us to set new goals for our self this year. To look at what God would want us to do. While I am still working on my list the sheet that he gave us was very thought-provoking. I’d like to share it with you, and then you can fill it out as well. The categories are : Faith, Family, Fellowship, Financial, Physical, Education, Recreational, and Ministry. We are to choose goals for each category. I am still praying over some of the goals, but here are a few of mine.

1. Make family devotionals a priority every night
2. Have a family fun night every week
3. Have a person/ family over every month for dinner/ lunch and fellowship.
4. Meet at least 2-3 families in my neighborhood.
5. Exercise 3 xs a week
6. Begin and finish the Maker’s diet for weight loss.
7. Learn more about Nutrition – i.e. read books off of the recommended list from Weston Price Foundation.
8. Learn more about the Jewish culture and past to better understanding when I read my Bible.

To start on these goals I am working on the following things this month:

1. I am doing the winter cleanse starting tomorrow for the diet, phase one of the diet. My sugar will be restricted and I will be grain free. My family will not be completely grain-free so I will still be experimenting with sourdough this month, so look for recipes soon to come.

2. Start reading the book of Josephus.

3. Inflate my stability ball and break out the VHS workout video that goes with it.

4. Invite someone over to our house and set a date in the near future. After my cleanse is over of course 🙂

5. I have put in my Netflix queue a few family friendly movies that we haven’t seen for our family fun nights.

6. Check to see which books off of the Weston Price reading list my library has and order them.

7. Look for opportunities to speak to the neighbors.

So what will be your goals for this year? Some of you may say New Year’s resolutions are silly or that you don’t have anything you need to work on. I ask that you pray about that, after God is the Potter, and we are just the clay. Some may say I’m not making resolutions, I can never keep them. Remember all things work together for good for those that love the Lord. So why not make a resolution that if you break any of your other resolutions that you will not give up and quit, but begin again until you have finished what you have set out to accomplish?


One thought on “New Year

  1. OK I did the cleanse, but since we are cracking down on our budget, the main thing I have where I can cut out is food. Doing the maker’s diet is just not possible since you are not able to eat grains.

    I have not been exercising like I should (I know shame on me)

    I have been studying the Word more, and have joined some classes at church so I am currently reading the books to go with them. When I am reading in my Bible I find that I am having more geographical questions, so I have been using maps. (I am a very visual person)

    My hubby has taken over the devotionals andis reading to the children before putting them to bed, and of course with school we read the Bible together with that as well. We are not completely consistent with this yet, but we are getting better.

    I have been having people over to share hospitalilty so I am doing well with that one 🙂

    It has been a little cold to be out meeting neighbors, but I am hoping with the weather warming it won’t be long now 🙂

    We have been having family fun nights, playing games, watching movies and going bowling.

    I find that I am spending so much time reading my Bible and studying that I haven’t had time to read books on nutrition. In light of what is going on in the middle east, I think that studying nutrition is just going to have to go to the wayside…

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