The beginning

Every story has a beginning, and mine is no different. This story is about how I came to be obsessed with organic foods and products. Now I’m not perfect, I still enjoy eating out (although most restaurants are holding little appeal to me). Sometimes I still grab the unhealthy pre-packaged food out of desperation and lack of time. I’ve come to notice though, that these things no longer taste very good, how could I have possibly liked this stuff? I’ll tell you it’s because I’ve tasted real food! Somewhere along the way we as a society have been taught to like inferior food, that it actually tastes better than the real stuff! How is that possible? We have allowed ourselves to be duped! Our busy lifestyles have taken over and we have been told that unless we are constantly on the go there is something wrong with us. Well there is something wrong with us, that we won’t take the time to enjoy the taste of homemade bread, that we would rather open a can of soup than make it completely from scratch! Americans don’t have a love affair with food! They have a love affair with junk!! I have slowly been coming to this conclusion, and I am ready to make the amputation! It will be slow and painful, but you have to take your time and stay of course if you are going to do it correctly 🙂

It started over 3 years ago…

I was in my parents home (the one I currently live in now) getting their mail while they were out-of-town. I needed to use the bathroom, and I didn’t worry about Vivian running around the house because all the doors were closed. As I was in the bathroom, Vivi began pounding on all the doors crying “Mimi! Mimi!” she was sobbing, looking for my mom. She didn’t understand she wasn’t there. Then it hit me and I began to cry “God, she won’t be here much longer?!? How am I to explain to Vivi? She’s still so little?” I knew in my heart that I was going to lose my mom, but not when or how. She had developed a bad respiratory infection in the late spring, and never seemed to fully recover from it.

Before thanksgiving Mom went to the doctor thinking that she had a kidney infection, but the doctor said it sounded more like gall stones. He sent her to have an ultrasound done, and that’s when it happened. The ultrasound tech found an unusual mass in her. They sent the pictures to the doctor asking him to look at it right away. The news came back that it was cancer. The weekend after Thanksgiving I stayed away from her since Vivi had pink eye. That following week I was speaking to mom on the phone and she confided that her urine had turned orange. I looked it up on the governments cancer website and learned her liver wasn’t functioning properly. I still went to the same doctor that she did, so I immediately called him, and kept calling until I could get a hold of someone. I could tell they believed the same thing I did and told me to have her come in right away. I have never seen someone look so yellow…..

They made an emergency surgery to place stints in her bile ducts as the tumors had gotten so big that it was closing them off. This was the beginning of a short, but painful battle. She under went radiation, which helped shrink the tumors, and gave her a brief respite from the pain. Yet the stints that had been put in became infected and she was in and out of the hospital several times. The infection was not coming under control, and so chemo was not an option. Finally she had enough and went into at home hospice. On January 22nd 2008 she went home to be with Jesus.

Needing an answer as to why and how I began research. I learned that 80% of cancers today are environmentally caused. To me that seemed to high a number and I wanted answers as to how this could be possible. It was then that I started my quest to learn more about healthy eating, and to understand how choices we make affect our bodies. Choices that seem innocent, from the soap we use to wash ourselves, the makeup we wear, the cleaning products that we use, and the food we eat. To me the price to pay for organic foods and safe products is insignificant compared to the precious lives of your loved ones. I hope that this story sparks an interest in you to learn more and become more conscious of the decisions you make. If you’ve ever lost someone to cancer, my heart goes out to you, I understand how painful it is to watch someone you love suffer and die from such a terrible disease.

To give God the glory HE deserves, He was with me the entire way. He was my rock to lean on in that dark time. It was definitely a time of growing in Him. Learning to trust is never easy, but praise God for “Great is Thy [His] faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies I see. All I have needed Thy [His] hand has provided.” He helped me explain to my daughter, who was 2 days away from turning 2 years-old. While I miss her I am sure of my mom’s salvation and mine. So I am not without hope, I know I will see her one day again!



This month is flying by! Where did all the time go? We decided to finish off about 600 sq ft in our basement for much-needed extra room. In our townhouse I was use to having an “adult” living room and a kid friendly family room. My daughter and her little friends could go down there and mess it up, then if we needed to leave, I could shut the door and not look at it until I was ready. Here all of her toys magically end up in the living room, and no matter how much I ask her to clean up, I feel crowded in. It makes me feel like no matter how much I clean up, or she cleans up the house is never clean. I just can’t take it anymore!!!

The new basement will allow her to have a play area now, as well as a family room. It’s nice, because while I’m doing laundry I can stay in the basement with the kids. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t multi-task well. Especially when it comes to laundry. If I’m not in the basement I’ll move onto something else and forget all about it:)

My daughter’s birthday is coming up, so we have been planning that as well. She is so excited that she will be the BIG 5! She seems to think the basement is her birthday present since we’re having her kids party in the newly finished area.

While this is a fun time and we have a lot going on, please keep me in your prayers. This saturday marks the 3 year anniversary since my mom passed away from cancer. Also I had a miscarriage right before I became pregnant with my son, had that baby lived he would have been turning 1-year-old at the end of this month. These projects have been a blessing to keep me occupied so that I don’t have too much time to dwell on my losses. Praise God I will see my mother and baby again one day!

New Year

This New Year’s eve we celebrated quietly at home. This past week our family has been fighting the 24 hr stomach bug. While we are now over it we do not want to pass it on to anyone. Thank goodness that 2010 has come to a close and we can put it in the past. I love a new year and all the new possibilities that it represents. I look back and said “whew! I did it!” Some of the highlights of this year were having my son, getting involved in homeschooling, trips to Tennessee, dedicating Andrew, and watching Vivian grow. I look forward to the coming year: more trips to Tennessee, more hiking with the family, my daughter turning 5, her starting her first year of K5 (we did K4 this past year), Andrew will be learning to walk, gardening again, and much more.
Our pastor this past Sunday challenged us to set new goals for our self this year. To look at what God would want us to do. While I am still working on my list the sheet that he gave us was very thought-provoking. I’d like to share it with you, and then you can fill it out as well. The categories are : Faith, Family, Fellowship, Financial, Physical, Education, Recreational, and Ministry. We are to choose goals for each category. I am still praying over some of the goals, but here are a few of mine.

1. Make family devotionals a priority every night
2. Have a family fun night every week
3. Have a person/ family over every month for dinner/ lunch and fellowship.
4. Meet at least 2-3 families in my neighborhood.
5. Exercise 3 xs a week
6. Begin and finish the Maker’s diet for weight loss.
7. Learn more about Nutrition – i.e. read books off of the recommended list from Weston Price Foundation.
8. Learn more about the Jewish culture and past to better understanding when I read my Bible.

To start on these goals I am working on the following things this month:

1. I am doing the winter cleanse starting tomorrow for the diet, phase one of the diet. My sugar will be restricted and I will be grain free. My family will not be completely grain-free so I will still be experimenting with sourdough this month, so look for recipes soon to come.

2. Start reading the book of Josephus.

3. Inflate my stability ball and break out the VHS workout video that goes with it.

4. Invite someone over to our house and set a date in the near future. After my cleanse is over of course 🙂

5. I have put in my Netflix queue a few family friendly movies that we haven’t seen for our family fun nights.

6. Check to see which books off of the Weston Price reading list my library has and order them.

7. Look for opportunities to speak to the neighbors.

So what will be your goals for this year? Some of you may say New Year’s resolutions are silly or that you don’t have anything you need to work on. I ask that you pray about that, after God is the Potter, and we are just the clay. Some may say I’m not making resolutions, I can never keep them. Remember all things work together for good for those that love the Lord. So why not make a resolution that if you break any of your other resolutions that you will not give up and quit, but begin again until you have finished what you have set out to accomplish?