With the ballet season in full swing, we are focusing on that in home school. We are reading about the Nutcracker (there are several cute children’s books) and listening to the musical score whenever we are in the car. In addition we are studying Tchaikovsky and Edgar Degas. Tchaikovsky because his music is used in the Nutcracker and Degas because he is famous for his ballerina paintings. Today Vivian has announced that she wants to be a sugar-plum fairy 🙂 I told her to practice very hard and one day she can be one. Immediately she ran and put on her leotard and started dancing while watching the Nutcracker ballet on tv.
This past year at the home school conference I listened to a speaker who shared that you should always encourage and support your child in what they want to do. Obviously you want to redirect them if it is not a healthy pursuit. I have noticed that by showing my confidence in her, it boosts her confidence. Likewise I have notice that if someone else tells her she can’t do something (even if she’s been able to do that particular thing for a while) she suddenly believes she can’t. It’s important to foster that “I can” attitude in our children. Just think of where we would be if Edison, Franklin, Lincoln, etc. didn’t have that “I can” attitude? It’s also important to lead by example. So I am going to come up with a set of goals I want to accomplish, so I can lead by example.


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