We have been studying creation in home school the past couple of weeks. Last week we were talking about seeds, bulbs, plants, etc. To tie it in with fall we discussed how you can plant a bulb in the fall, then in the spring it will come up with flowers. You may not see it under the ground, but it is there growing. To make the point we took hyacinth bulbs, poked toothpicks in it and placed it over jars of water. Next we placed the jars in a cool dark place.

It was totally God that inspired me to make the analogy of how we are like seeds or bulbs. When we become a new creation in Christ we are to be planted in good soil (i.e. the Word, church, etc.) We are to grow roots, by studying His Word and by prayer. That way when life’s tests and trials come we have a good root system to cling to the soil (God’s Word). The evidence of our growth like a plant is through the growth of our leaves, flowers, or as the Bible says our fruit. Our life should show the evidence of our spiritual growth through our words, the way we conduct ourselves, the treatment of others, and our longing after more of God.

Over the next few months we will continue to check on our bulbs, and it will be a constant reminder so that I can keep sharing this truth with her. With God’s help hopefully it will be a lesson that she will remember for the rest of her life.

To you I would pose the questions: How are you flowering? How deep is your root system? Will it withstand any upcoming storms? No matter where you are on your walk there is always room to dig deeper into the Word of God and expand your root system! God Bless!


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