Raw Milk

* Please read disclaimer under “About GraftedVine”

I have had several people give me a look of confusion when they hear me say that we use raw milk. What is the difference? Let’s go back to when it all began. Originally everyone drank raw milk, but what changed? People began to get sick from milk and other drinks. The reason mainly from the lack of sanitary conditions. The farmers and processors were not following strict sanitary standards. They weren’t washing their hands and keeping their equipment sterilized.

So in comes Louis Pasteur and some other scientists. They had a theory that if heated to a high enough temperature the bad bacteria, that was causing people to get sick, would be killed. Obviously it was successful which is why we have so much pasteurized products in our stores today.

In theory this is a good idea, it helped the people in mass be confident that it was safe to drink their milk. Unfortunately, it also allows the farmers to be more slack in their sanitary standards. Now I am not saying that these farmers are not keeping their equipment and farms clean by any means. That is why we have the FDA and the Board of Health (if you trust them…but that is another story) to insure that they do keep certain standards. Raw milk dairy farmers are held to the same standards if not stricter than the ones that pasteurize their milk.

In the act of pasteurization not only do you kill all the bad bacteria, but you kill all the good and healthy bacteria as well. In fact it is believed that by doing this it also increases food allergies in people. Again PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER before making any changes to your diet. I personally have had an intolerance to milk all my life, not milk products, but milk itself. Since I have switched to raw milk, I no longer have any of those uncomfortable symptoms that I use to.

If you are interested more in raw milk please visit http://www.realmilk.com/

If you are not quite sold on raw milk I encourage you to at least find a milk that comes from a grass-fed cow, that is not ultra pasteurized. The reason for ultra-pasteuriztion is to make the shelf life of the milk last longer, thus lining the pockets of the milk corporations, it does not make your milk any safer. If you are from Ohio I recommend Snowville Creamery, visit their site http://snowvillecreamery.com/ to find a store near you that carries it. It is expensive I know, the benefits far out way the costs.


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