On the warpath

I never thought that I could kill a living thing. The occasional bug, yes, but not an animal. Until today, no I did not kill anything, but I tried! I went outside with the kids to check on my garden and the ground in the lettuce section started pushing up. I saw RED!! I ran as quickly as I could to get my shovel, alas I was too late. The mole turned tail and hid. I went ahead and destroyed his little tunnel. I felt some self-satisfaction in that. Like I had said “Ha! Take that mole! I’m on to you! Next time you won’t be so lucky!!” Sigh. I guess that isn’t very princess-like, but I warned you, I’m not perfect.



My house is a castle, kept perfectly clean. Meals are always on time and come out looking like a magazine spread (cooked from scratch of course). My children are dressed to the nines, playing quietly on the living room floor. I am the mistress of my castle, everything is just as it should be. Then I reach up, adjust my crown, and then I’m snapped back into reality. It’s almost 2:30, I’ve been so busy with homeschool and playing I’ve lost track of time. I’m just now putting my lamb chop in the oven to bake for lunch. My 4 yr old daughter is sitting at the table eating her mac n’ cheese (yes organic) and my 6 month old son is screaming in the living room. I hurry and get the lamb in the oven, go scoop my son into my lap and try to distract him with blocks. He makes it very clear that the only he is interested in is nursing. So I settle onto the couch, prop up my feet, and turn on Little Men. Ahh…a few minutes to relax, until my 4 yr old spills food all over her new outfit. Oh well, I can dream. I love my life and appreciate all the blessings God has given me. Although I strive to be Christ-like I am no where near perfection. In fact I hate the terms super mom and cookie-cutter mom. I am just pushing through life the same as you. I hope that this blog will inspire you, and I would love your input as well. Happy reading!